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Washington Post "Hawaii residents fear ‘the next catastrophe’"

September 2, 2023

CoconutLine founder Kalani Au-Hoon was interviewed by the Washington Post for this article. Read the full article here:


"This week, Maui County officials visited Kihei, on the south side of the island, where Kalani Au-Hoon and other volunteers worked at a community distribution site for Lahaina victims. The officials asked what the workers needed, and Au-Hoon spoke up: Maui needs fire-safe construction that relies on fire-safe materials, not “matchbox tinder material,” he said.

He said Kihei “has been the desert for many years, and it catches fire every year.” Residents were evacuated around the time of the Lahaina fires and could breathe the smoke coming down from the Kula fires.

Au-Hoon, who was born in Oahu and grew up in South Maui, pointed to a nearby field that’s covered in dry, yellowing grasses. “Right here, one match. One ember, or something. And it’s toast,” he said.

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